Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

There’s a coordinated effort right now to shut down debate online in regard to vaccines. In the past several weeks, major tech companies, including Google and Amazon and Facebook, which comprises a very massive portion of what you would call the modern public square… So communication is all online now, so the public square has moved online now, and these companies comprise a large portion of that, and in a coordinated effort now they have decided to start targeting anti-vaccine information. Back at the end of February, you had YouTube demonetizing anti-vaccine channels completely and they started putting up this little informational piece from Wikipedia about vaccine hesitancy…

7 Responses to "Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate"

  1. Dr. Roy Ostenson   October 25, 2019 at 7:23 am

    The government paid-off prostitutes of the pharmaceutical companies are chopping away at the Constitution by mandating amazingly dangerous medical procedures, it is game over for our God given freedoms, if we allow that small minority of people to get away with murder! I have heard from different sources that another Civil War may be needed to get our freedoms of choice back. The World Order people have a bad agenda, and forced vaccination is another nail in our coffins from the insane ‘wannabe gods’ who have plans to eradicate billions of people from this planet. It is heading toward a nation of easy to control zombies, IF we allow them to take our freedoms away.

  2. Tammy Alcorn   October 25, 2019 at 8:51 am

    I believe that when they start calling people names forstating their opinions it begins to be a hateful streamline on normal Americans rights for their lives and the lives of theirchildren. We are losing our freedom of making decisions on our own children. This is getting ridiculous and so so Un-American

  3. Sam Eggertsen   October 25, 2019 at 9:23 am
    If you type in on YouTube, “Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?”, the video with this name no longer appears in the results.

  4. A. McGuire   October 25, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Thank you,Truthmedia and NVIC, for expressing the voice and concerns of individuals, families, and medical researchers who want health, free speech, and society to flourish through evidence-based science and open scientific debate. If there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to suppress.

  5. Pam Hall   October 25, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    At this moment our country is run by big Pharma, wall street and all the other giant monopolies. When we overthrow their grip on our political institutions we will have a fighting chance of bringing about massive change to their policies which are out right lies and fraudulent money making scams. If Bernie Sanders is elected truth and justice will prevail and the public will get behind it.

  6. CA   October 27, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Bernie Sanders seems like a very nice gentleman. He is however not only pro-vaccine but he is pro-mandated vaccine. Which I find scary. In February 2015 , one of his comments about parental choice was “I think obviously vaccinations work. Vaccination has worked for many, many years. […] I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong.”

    He has also been accused of receiving Pharma money for his campaign. You can actually look it up yourself as there are sights that have the donation information.
    It would be nice to not have a looming threat of going into the hospital and loosing my house over the bills from care. But when I don’t have choice of care then It’s no longer the America that I know. We Border Canada which has socialized medicine. Everyone knows there are buses that go there to get Pharmaceuticals cheaper. But Canada has buses going into America to get x-rays and CT scans because they have to wait for months to see if they have a broken arm etc. We have relatives there and they still have to go to work to get a better insurance to cover things but they still have long waiting times. And I mean longer than here. It’s the same in England. The Doctors do not get the same pay scale as here so there is a general apathy and lack of Doctors. Charlie Gard’s parents wanted to send their son to America for treatment but due to the socialized medicine there the government not the Doctors and certainly not the parents could make that decision. The government actually make the decision when to take you off life support and if you’re still alive, when to stop feeding you. Not your family,not your spouse. That also happened to Alfie Evans. The parents had a military plane waiting to pick him up and swoop him to Rome to Bambino Gesu Hospital. They received passports and the Pope’s Funds. But the British High Court said NO. That child was pulled from life support and while he was breathing on his own they stopped feeding him. For some perspective, due to a medical error the hospital, in America, had my father on life support for three months which saved his life so his body could recover. He walked away from that alive and well.
    Not only did a relative of mine die in Britain from medical negligence in her sixties but my friend’s parents both died in their 60’s from negligence which pushed this friend over the edge. His mother had cancer but instead of doing a routine procedure here which would include surgery, they took a balloon and pushed back the mass so that it would not block things. I have been told by a medical professional that they have a check off list and it includes what age group you are and what services you eligible for, you are not considered as viable and they will not give you the same procedures as younger adults. I believe that is probably the case there. I absolutely agree that monopolies have taken over in America. But there is always a price to whatever alternative is out there. I don’t wish to be culled. Fighting for Vaccine Choices seems like the lesser of 2 evils. And Bernie Sanders does not believe in Vaccine Choice.

  7. Marcels   October 28, 2019 at 1:30 am

    To Pam; Bernie has called those missing even one vaccine murderers. Feel the burn!


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