Denise Cooke on Blind Faith in Doctors

… Nobody wants to question a doctor. And that’s what the girls have said over and over and over again. And the parents have said, “He was a doctor. Why would I question him?” And when I did question him, they said to me, “He’s a doctor. We trust him.” That, especially for women today and because we as mothers are the ones that take our kids for the well visits and go to the doctor with our list, over and over and over again we’re treated the same way. No no no, it’s okay, he’s educated, this is his job. He knows his job better than you do. But I know my child better than you do.

4 Responses to "Denise Cooke on Blind Faith in Doctors"

  1. Christina Kuczora   February 21, 2019 at 11:03 am

    The majority of today’s doctors practice medicine like well trained monkeys using cookbooks. Few employ wisdom or critical thinking. I did not make that analogy up (I wish I could take credit!) but have found it to be sadly true.

  2. Margaret Kahovec   February 21, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    It has been like this since my daughter was 16, she is now 34. Doctors give drugs, they DO NOT HELP WITH OUR HEALTH.

  3. Marene Mayer   February 23, 2019 at 1:12 am

    Thank you – Denise………you are Right on. They are Right…….and you know nothing. Now they want to make HPV Vaccine Mandatory. I see so many teens in my Alternative Practice that have been so Damaged by this Vaccine………it make me Cry. But the Parents were told….this is Preventative and the Doctor knows what is Best for your Teen. When I’ve heard my Clients question their Doctors – they are dismissed – they do not know – basically their own bodies better than the Doctor – Questions are not allowed. The same with the ADA. When my Dentist recently tried to put Fluoride filling in my mouth ………I said “no thank you”. Oh, he went on to spout all the ADA on the Benefits of Fluoride – and was not about to listen to anything I had to say. I finally said ………with no Disrespect to you……..but it’s my Mouth…No Fluoride Fillings or with BPA. If I didn’t know as much as I do……..I can understand how people are intimidated by all Medical Professionals. We will just keep Educating as many as we can.

  4. Steven Winmill   March 8, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    On several occasions I have taken my daughter into the emergency room. Every time they asked if she is vaccinated and I tell them, “No”. A doctor is sent in and says can I talk to you
    about vaccines? I say, “Yes”. They give me there common line of vaccines are safe. I asked the doctors to tell me about the adverse effects of vaccines, which is required by Washington State Law and Federal Law. They have never given me an answer. I gave these doctors accounts of people I meet and how their children reacted. One time I had a neighbor that had
    taken her child to get his vaccines, came home and started having one seizure after another.
    I went over to see what I could do and called 911. I talked to the mother and she informed me about how she took her son to get his vaccines. When I told the doctor this story he had no response but leave the exam room. I told him how I was vaccinated all of my child hood and asked him why I still caught the measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. His response? No comment and walk out of the exam room.


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